# velius.gd

Extends: Node

# Description


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The Velius class represents the whole backend of the game. It also works as the API between themes and MysterMaker project files. To acces it when developing a theme, please use the official Velius-Engine SDK. To access it when developing a mystery, you can use Velius.<PROPERTY/METHOD> in your scripts.

# Property Descriptions

# next

var next: Dictionary
  • Setter: set_next

Contains the current dialogue

# json_data

var json_data: Dictionary

# current_json_path

var current_json_path: String

# current_json_location

var current_json_location: String

# current_chapter_id

var current_chapter_id: int

# current_dialogue_id

var current_dialogue_id: int

# current_location_id

var current_location_id: int

# Method Descriptions

# set_next

func set_next(new_next: Dictionary) -> void

# get_dialogue_by_id

func get_dialogue_by_id(id: int, chapter_id) -> Dictionary

Returns Dictionary containing the dialogue's data If id not found: returns empty Dictionary

# get_action

func get_action(id: int) -> String

Returns a choice's action string

# start_chapter

func start_chapter(json_path: String, chapterID: int, dialogue_id = 0) -> var

Loads a Mystery's data and theme After loading the given chapter will get displayed

# run_dialogue

func run_dialogue(data: Dictionary) -> void

Runs a dialogue with the given data Replaces all '@'-variables with their string value

# run_location

func run_location(l: Dictionary) -> void

Run location view TODO: Implement

# go_next

func go_next() -> void

Jumps to the next dialogue TODO: Implement

# end

func end() -> void

Ends the mystery processing

# go

func go(id: int) -> void

Go to current chapter's dialogue with given id

# go_chapter

func go_chapter(chapter_id: int, dialogue_id = 0) -> void

Switches to chapter with given id and directly jumps to given dialogue_id

# choice_made

func choice_made(id: int) -> void

Called when player made a choice Runs the selected choice's script

# open_side_menu

func open_side_menu() -> void

Opens the side menu

# get_mystery_resource_path

func get_mystery_resource_path(relative_path: String) -> String

Returns a mystery resources full virtual path

# mystery_resource_exists

func mystery_resource_exists(relative_path: String) -> bool

Returns if a mystery resource exists

# png_to_tex

func png_to_tex(local_res_path: String) -> ImageTexture

Returns ImageTexture of a given local png path

# import

func import(path = "all", dlc = false) -> void

Imports the mystery package located at the given path If path is not given all packages get imported that are located at user://DLC The dlc parameter determines if the packages is displayed in the dlc or the debug category If no arguments are given, all DLC in user://DLC get imported as DLC

# erase_from

func erase_from(dict: Dictionary, from: String) -> Dictionary

Removes a dictionary's from property if equal to given value Only works on the first layer (non-recursive)

# get_key_by_from

func get_key_by_from(dict: Dictionary, from: String) -> String

Returns the key of a object the given from value

# evaluate_value

func evaluate_value(input: String)

Returns a given string value in its type

# Signals

  • signal new_dialogue(data): Called when a new dialogue is fired Returns a Dictionary
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