# Introduction

# Velius

Velius is the content creation system for the Mystery-Heini-Games. This system includes the client it self, the backend (GD-Script API), and the content creation tool "MysteryMaker" as well as the Velius market place.

# MysteryMaker

The MysteryMaker is a Windows application developed by the Velius Eninge team and it's community on GitHub (opens new window). It is a tool for creating dialogues and their logic. All dialogue writing can be done using a self explaining GUI. The logic has to be written in the beginner friendly, Python like and fast scripting language "GD-Script".

# GD-Script

Although, having an own scripting language sounds cool, we decided to implement the GD-Script language due to it's big community, wide variaty of features and easy to learn syntax. GD-Script was originally developed for the Godot Game Engine (opens new window). So it's focus was set on readability, performance and beginner friendlyness.

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